Growing Confidently in Your Faith – A lifelong journey to becoming more like Jesus

“An inspiring and practical primer to Christian growth, Growing Confidently In Your Faith is easy-to-read and enjoyable; the narrative is laced with creative anecdotes, and punctuated with pointers to gently push the reader forward into spiritual maturity.” --Janey DeMeo, founder of Orphans First (, Bible teacher, author of Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!

How can we become more like Christ? As women of God, we must recognize it's a lifelong journey. Interruptions and demands on our time can interfere with our desire to know Jesus more intimately. To become more like our Savior and Lord requires us to be intentional—intentional with what and who we allow into our lives. We have to set aside a time and place each day to meet with Him.

God's desire is for His children to become more Christ-like. To do that, we must make a commitment to continual spiritual growth. The deeper our knowledge of Christ, the deeper our understanding of Him and the more like Him we become. The outcome? We grow more confident in our faith. What does this require of us? We must spend time in scripture, examining our lives through the lens of faith. It is my hope this 52-week journey you are about to embark on will do just that. Are you ready to begin?

Carol Round

About Carol Round (Delaware County, Oklahoma Author)

Carol Round

CAROL ROUND, self-syndicated columnist, Christian author and inspirational speaker, began her journey with the Lord in October 2001 when she admitted her need for His guidance. Since then, she has sought a deeper relationship with Him through reading scripture, Bible study and the personal discipline of keeping a daily prayer journal.

After being encouraged by other Christian women, she penned a book to encourage others to try prayer journaling. Released in 2012, Journaling with Jesus: How to Draw Closer to God and the companion workbook, The 40-Day Challenge, can be purchased through the author or on

Carol has also authored three collections of her weekly faith-based column. A Matter of Faith, and Faith Matters, was released by Buoy Up Press. A third collection, Sola Fide: by FAITH alone, debuted in 2012. She has been writing her weekly faith-based column since 2005. It now runs in 14 Oklahoma newspapers, several national publications and at

She is the author of nine books, including a three-book series to teach children the wise use of money. Her most recent book is for women only, Growing Confidently in Your Faith.