False Flag – One Hundred Years of Deception

False Flag
204 Pages
ISBN 978-1951188054

On Sunday evening, February 15th, 1898 in Havana Harbor, the 6,789-ton 2nd class battleship USS Maine floated peacefully at anchor. One moment later, a double explosion ripped her apart, sending her to the bottom along with 260 of her 355-man crew. Only 16 sailors escaped uninjured. Was it an act of war by Spain? Or a calculated “false flag” attack by the United States to provoke a war?

Fast forward to 1972. Private Investigator Tony April gets an enigmatic midnight call from wealthy and beautiful Barbara Anderson. Her explorer grandfather kept a diary that may hold the answer. Problem is, he’s buried along with his diary, on a remote jungle mountain in Ecuador. Now everyone wants in. The National Security Agency wants to suppress the information. The Rickover Investigation wants to publicize it. Barbara just wants to get her grandfather’s remains home. Sydney Street wants the Incan treasure map. And Tony suddenly wants to have a son. Can everyone get what they wish for?

Jay Barrett

About Jay Barrett (The Villages, Florida Author)

Jay Barrett

A native of Lawrence, MA, Jay Barrett attended the US Naval Academy and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked for General Dynamics as a flight test engineer on intercept and guidance systems for fighter jets in the US and Europe. Subsequent to this he worked at AVCO as a project engineer in the development of ballistic missiles. Jay’s interests and accomplishments are many and include becoming a championship squash player in the US and Europe. His love of the sea led him SCUBA diving, searching for shipwrecks in New England and the Great Lakes. The father of five, Jay now lives in Central Florida. <i>False Flag</i> is his first book, with a second one close to completion.